50th CERM 2019 logo

The Midland Section of the American Chemical Society is delighted to host CERM 2019, the 50th Central Regional Meeting from June 4 – June 8, 2019 & concurrently celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Section. The conference, themed Molecules to Materials will take place at the H-Hotel in Midland MI. 

We cordially invite you to participate in CERM 2019. This conference will offer a strong, diverse, high profile technical program with the participation of international caliber speakers in materials and process chemistry. It will be complemented by stimulating, focused, effective and broad educational initiatives, including a first of its kind for regional ACS meetings – Citizen Experiment in the Great Lakes Region. Forging partnerships with a community that celebrate Chemistry in Everyday Life, we invite the general public to participate in exhibits and stage events that showcase the role of chemistry in art, cooking, chemical heritage & history delivered by notable and inspirational invited speakers. We are enthused to nurture the interest in and to promote the value of chemistry through the exciting and multi-faceted outreach program.